Informations about the products

All producs are designed and handmade by the owner Eva Leth-Nissen, and I personally gurantee for a high standard and quality.

I only use fabrics of high quality, and me and my husband have developed new systems for easy putting up the curtains and much more light and air in the show cages.Furthermore we have developed products for more comfort for the cats and you, the owners of our wonderfull pets.

Our aim is to make more beautifull cat show cages and more comfort for cats and owners by using products that are easy to handle, beautifull to look at and cosy to lie in.


The fabrics

We use different types of fabric, and you may read about the differences here.

Satin: A shiny fabric in high quality. 100 % polyester. We have 34 beautifull colours. Wash 40 degrees, dryer. Ironing not neccessary if taken out of the dryer immedeately.

Satin duchesse: A mat, some are nearly half shiny, strong, heavy fabric. Exellent quality, the best we have. 100 % polyester. We have 25 wonderfull colours, some colours have to be ordered, and have longer delivery date, but are worth to wait for. A cat show curtain in satin duchesse lasts for years.Wash 40 degrees,dryer. Ironing not beccessary.

Curly taftetta: half shiny light fabric with a curly look, that not has to be ironed. 100 % polyester. We have 30 beautifull colours. The most easy fabric to handle, it does not weigh much, it does nor get curly, and it has not to be ironed, and still looks beautifull.Wash 40 degrees, dryer.

Cotton:  we have several types of cotton, all are high quality, natural fibers. Some have 15 % polyester for easier ironing. Wash 40-60 degrees. Dryer.for easier ironing.

Linen: we have several types of linen, some are soft and washed, some are stiff and unwashed, but will be soft by wash. All are high quality, and natural fibers. We have a lot of colours, ask us. Wash 40-60 degrees. Dryer.

Tapestry: Tapestry is wonderfull, very heavy, strong fabric. We have a lot of tapestry with cat motifs on it and we have flagg tapestry. Wask 30 degrees. Dry by air or dryer by low temperature.

Brocade: we use several, different qualities of brocade,often wowen with silverlike or goldlike threads, imported from all over the world. Wonderfull fabrics, that personalize each cat show curtain, and make beautifull cat beds.Handwash or by 30 degrees, using special washing powder for silk.

Silk: we use embroidered silk. Wonderfull silk fabrics, that personalize each cat show curtain.Handwash or by 30 degrees, using special washing powder for silk.

Embroidered organza: We have about 30 different embroidered organza/or printed chiffons. Each of them make the special style of the cat show curtain. It is thin fabric, weighs few grams, it is fabric, you can see through, and it lets the light pass.Ask ud for colours. Wask handwash or 30 degrees.


Cage measurements

Scandinavian cages, single cage D:60 x H:60 x B: 75, double cage D:60 x H:60 x B:150 cm

European cages, single cage D:70 x H:70 x B: 70 cm, double cage D:70 x H:70 x B:140 cm

German Sizes single 70x70, double 70x140 cm

Our show curtains are made so they fit in all Fife cages. if you want special measures, just tell us.

A double cage might be used as a single cage, folding the bottom and the top, using only one of the back curtains.

Products on demad

We also make curtains on demand. Tell us the measurements of the cage/ the product you want, and let us know the wanted colors. Then we will make an offer for you.